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■ About Keruhito i ■

★ ★
title screen

That I started to [START] ... Game
That I see [RANKING] ... ranking
Bear to open the page [SITE] ... with
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game part

So as not to bind on ground balls falling from above Is a game that I continue kicking.

(Safe if you leave even one ball is falling s)
↑ key to jump
↑ I will high jump and quickly press twice.

→ press twice quickly, or press the >> key in the upper right corner I play with the sliding.
I have to dive head in the air and press.

press twice quickly, or press a key on the upper left << I shoot with a volley.
I want the press and in the air overhead.

★ ★
how to operate the score screen
● RETRY button
Try again.

If you update a record of # 1, you can send your records to the net rankings.
I want to create a name to be registered at the time of transmission to the rankings.
If there is a record that was previously registered will be overwritten to a new record.

The game is over you can see the top 10, on the site has published the rankings to # 100.


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