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■ The Kuzushi Mugen block for i The ■

Made to collide the ball to block seen falling to Mugen It is a game to continue to destruction.

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of about the bgm

■ operation method ■
of In-Game
★ title screen ★

I will start the game with "Start".

Rankings of score of until now will be displayed after you select the "Ranking".

Rankings of score that were sent to the net If you select "Net ranking" will be displayed.

You able to get to this point back to HP of Kuma is not included and with you choose the "Site".

★ game screen ★

It is a game start with a press of a button.

You repousse the ball When you Game Start.

Plate will move to the right When you press the right-hand side of the button.
Plate will move to the left When you press the left-hand side of the button.
Please reflected by the plate so that ball is not punch line by operating the this plate.

I will 1 consumption the life When the ball fall to the bottom of the screen all.
I will 1 consumption the life block even if the beyond the LimitLine.

The game is over life When there are no more.

■ operation method ■
of score screen
RETRY button

And re-challenge.


If you updated the record at the 1-position, you can send a record of your to the net Most-Watched.
You creates the name that it will registration to Most-Watched at the time of transmission. It will be overwritten to a new record If there was a record that you have previously registered.

You can you want to check the up to the top 10 game above but, It opens to the public the Most-Watched up to 100 place in site on.

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